Guide to Garden Lighting


Place the lights in your garden depends primarily on the area you have available. The light, as we all know, is not only its task, namely to enlighten, but also creates atmosphere. How many times have we heard of hot or cold light. In fact with a dimmer knob you can arrive to the nuances of light best suited. It must be said that, at a time like the present, where economy and ecology are fundamental values, why not consider adoption of led street lights ? The LEDs are a great novelty, with regards to lighting, of these last few years and have been considerably widespread, low consumption. That we are proposing today is a guide to the Garden lights.

If the Garden is limited to a small band in front and behind the House, probably will be sufficient to illuminate a small lantern or sconces on the wall of the House. And this just in case there is room to do more. But if there was space for a small table, in our own backyard we can spend a few hours during or after dinner in the summer, and then we’re going to need a light that can illuminate a specific part. If then the garden includes small paths don’t forget also to their lighting or we will be unable to live at night. The first thing is to then figure out the possible use of our garden: maybe we also discover a new way of inhabiting the outer space without considering me only a source of duties!

You generally use the electrical system of the House carried outside. The available technologies are all those of internal systems but with something more: the traditional lights, led lights, lights crepuscular or equipped with solar panel. In the latter two cases the convenience is-in addition to the saving-the lack of necessity to carry out the connection to the electrical system.

Depending on the shape there are, just to list them: floor lamps, wall, ceiling, immersion, projector, streetlights, led modules, bolt, flush. The floor lamps and the Poles give Dim lighting and intimate. Are in different materials and are generally not higher than 50 cm. For wall or ceiling lamps can we forget the old designs: now they propose different materials and surfaces in many forms that stylized look, always, down. Of course, if you prefer, the Lantern is always available maybe revisited in the forms. To illuminate particular areas can equip the grounds of projectors, to be placed on the ground behind the vegetation or from the eaves of the roof directed downwards as in artistic lighting of the city. If the garden is big enough a streetlight-low-might be comfortable but if plants tall enough not to isolate it. Swimming pool paths, ramps can be reported by recessed lighting without going over the top in number.