Griffin Crayola Myphones Kids’ Headphones Review

Griffin MyPhone Crayola

Thanks to a rather large pair of headphones, (at least more than the previous ones) the Griffin Crayola cost about 25 Euro and are larger headphone models for children I’ve tried among all. In some children, depending on their age, parts of the ears will surround them type over-ear. They are made of hard plastic without coating, but they are really light in general. The fact is that none of the children that we have tested them have told us that they felt uncomfortable after a couple of hours of watching a film.

Best price found: €19
Each of the parts of the ear are connected by a DIAdem close metal, going down some degree that fits best with the head of your daughter. For the appearance that has already we can say that it is another mark Griffin model focused on the market of children’s headphones. They can be adjusted to children of two or three years without problems but may also be used by adults, so we can say that they are well versatile. Come on here Ablogtophone, we can say that the children will grow up with headphones, perhaps then not like both design… But by its durability will be a few years with them.

The part of out of the surface of each part of the ear is flat, but this is because each package includes 30 stickers. Four round so each can cover the outer surface of the part, and a page of some 24 or 22 (depending on the model you buy) that can be applied also to this part of the ear or headband headset. Moreover also three white, two round to cover this part and a long and thin for the part of the headband. If you questions what headphones buy, these certainly are the more recommended for them small.

Children can decorate the white stickers using the three markers that include the Crayola. They have really thought all eh?. Even so, saying that both the model and the stickers are a little stagnant in what refers to the genres of children. We have the Blue model in which there is a child in the package, includes stickers with flames, lightning, skateboards, surf boards, guitars and monsters. Then we have the model rosa including pink, yellow and violet. A product of the 21st century like this, definitely seems to be the packaging design of a previous century.

Apart from this, I can tell you that before testing them with me, colleagues and small that have helped us, the MyPhones were headphones for children that my niece wanted the opportunity to decorate them for free.

Mark Griffin says that it has an option to limit the levels of volume approximately to 85dBA. Using Ear3 we have verified that when connected to a Smartphone at full volume, the headset has reached the “safe limit” of 85dBA, but most of the time the sound was secured between 75 and 85, making the MyPhones were the most safe and silent health hearing of the younger members of the family.

With regard to the isolation, has been minimal, even though parts of the ears are big and seem to cover external noises, so your kids can have some problems by listening to the sound coming from headphones. Made it is a feature that we liked, since we prefer that they can hear what they say and will try to focus on what comes out of the headphones.

Them MyPhones is one of them headphones for children that best sound has in the Group and of which have tested (by this you speak of it), with a good low, with a range medium that not sounds very empty or with eco. The sound with other headphones that can not limit the volume has been unquestionably worse, but has been has been one of the best that I have not felt that the children they had to sacrifice audio quality by maintaining the hearing health.