Great Update for Instagram out Now

Instagram has reached version 3.0, it means major improvements and new features. View your photos in a whole new way.

After Instagram has only been out for four months for Android, the app has now been updated to version 3.0, the same applies for iPhone application, which has been given the same update.

This update offers many improvements, including an updated profile page where “Photo Map” function is added.

Photo Map allows you to geo-tag, so lay down where the photo was taken, after following you can see where in the world all of your photos were taken at, on a world map.

Upload function has also been renewed, it means you have more buttons to press and the opportunity to add the image to the Photo Map.

Instagram has also got a new way to browse the same images on, the ability to report other users (abuse), as well as speed improvements in the actual application.

If you do not already have updated the application, it can be downloaded via the App Store for iOS, or Google Play for Android.