Great Twitter Update Now out for iOS and Android

Twitter has come with a great update for iOS and Android – Twitter for iOS has more than 12 news in itself.

Twitter is not the largest social service, but nevertheless, it is important for Twitter to keep their users up to date, where they are at. And it is often via applications for smartphones.

Why has Twitter released a major update for both iOS and Android.

Common to both of them is that it is now possible to view a preview of the content of other tweeter. This means that images, videos and links can be seen before proceeding, and is therefore no longer just a short incomprehensible link.

In addition, the push notifications have been implemented, so you can get notified when there is new with them as you follow.

The search function has been updated and Avatars, you can now press to get to the user.

This and much more has come to both applications, however, is the platform that has gotten the iOS largest update in this round.

You can download Twitter for iOS and Android free here via the App Store or Google Play Large.

Twitter is also available for Windows Phone, this is not, however, been updated this time, but can be retrieved here via Windows Marketplace.