Graphic Eyeliner – How to Use

Kitty eyes

The makeup is part of everyday life of many women. Among the products that we use every day, some remain in fashion and become classics. This happened with the eyeliner. The technique of marking your eyes with a dash close to lashes is quite old, but don’t lose your charm never, on the contrary, each station receives more attention.

Eyes outlined are very beautiful, but not so easy like that. There are a few different types of products to make the dash, which until then was only black or Brown, but now, especially in the summer, the colorful also gained space. The eyeliner can be shaped like a pencil, liquid, gel and now the news are the stickers. That’s right, it was easy to get the kitten’s eyes of Audrey Hepburn. You just need to buy the stickers and apply on the eyelids and ready.

There are some types of strokes, don’t think it’s all the same. Each eye has the format your trace. For larger eyes, with more space on the eyelid, the thicker strokes are great, finalize passing black pencil on waterline. Small eyes do not have so much space, so I prefer the skinny traits and pulled at the end, preferably white or beige with a pencil on the waterline. This lengthens and adds to the look. In Oriental, the dash when higher, must be thick to give depth to the eye and, when bottom, must be on the outside of the eye and without closing. This increases your eyes.

If you prefer to use an outlined colored, leave the rest of the makeup pretty unobtrusive. Use a nude lipstick not to weigh the visual Already if you’re daring enough, apply lipstick to make the “color block” with the eyes, is different and quite stylish, suggested by PICKTRUE.