Grabatron, The Invasion of The Earth Never Had Both Hook

The alien invasions they have been, and remain, a recurring theme in Western audiovisual culture. Through many manifestations, we have seen how humans have defended the land of an external threat, either these, aliens, have managed to wipe out everything on the blue planet.

Video games are no exception, beginning with the original Space Invaders, and now the guys at Future Games of London us challenge to take the controls of an alien ship and we smash everything which is put at our disposal. This as well Grabatron It seems one game but his proposal is quite interesting.

The name already gives us some clue of what we will find. Grab, English grab, is the main mechanic It uses the game. Using an extendable claw, we will have to engage characters and objects to either destroy the stage or abducir people or animals.

Before we play we have to calibrate the accelerometer. Through this sensor, we will move our ship and clicking on the screen release our claw. The control responds pretty well and at any time we can change the sensitivity of the movement. In addition, we can choose to use a touch control something more comfortable but not very practical. At the beginning the feeling is somewhat confusing but after a few minutes take fast pace.

Items in Grabatron are not subject to no time limit. The game invites us to explore the scenario, that we go at our own pace. Eventually, appear missions that we can accept, in the form of illuminated targets, and try to comply. Namely: destroying a number of buildings, abduct eight cows…

As we are meeting objectives and increasing our score our ship will be getting more greeting. If we want to improve it, we will have to proceed to checkout and purchase upgrades in the Android Market. Are not fundamental, that Yes, for enjoy Grabatron.

The scenario whereby we see is very extensive and the sites that appear are very varied. Always with an aesthetic that common minimum It is reminiscent of the South of the United States, barns, cattle, coffee shops in the desert, military bases style Area 51… Visually, as you can see in the screen shots and video, the game is very well made.

In short, a game fun and ideal for the dead moments. The physics system is very well implemented and do that we control enjoy destroying everything that gets in our way. The game is reduced to 0.77 euros Although there is a free version for those who want to try it.

Grabatronversion 1.3.4

  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: Future Games of London
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free / 0.77 euros
  • Category: Games