Google Tightens up in Google Play Store

Google has issued new guidance to thousands of developers, now it has to be an end to cheat advertising and copy-apps.

Are you also tired of advertisements in many of free applications that happen to pop up right next to where you need to press, or actually come up where you need to press? So is it will soon end.

Google has just issued new guidelines for developers, which means that the rules will be tightened up to the developers that places so-called cheat commercials, someone who can often look like dialog boxes you must press to move forward.

Also applications that look like or pretending to be someone else, there will be screwed bissen on opposite, and tolerance will be lessened.

Google removes promptly imitations or fake applications from Google Play Big.

Also applications that use misleading product descriptions, as well as make use of keywords that tries to give the application better rankings, and more hits will now be punished.

The new rules should help to clean up the Google Play store and reduce confusion and improve the user experience in the store and Android apps.

You can read the entire message to the developers here.