Google Shows HTML5 Experiment with Music Video

The music video, also known as video clip, born to be aired on television. Ever wonder if it could be somehow different if it had been designed for today and new forms of media presentation that the Internet provides us?

Director Chris Milk, the Canadian band Arcade Fire and the company Google did this exercise in imagination, and the result is what they defined as “a musical experience made specifically for the browser.”

Called The Wilderness Downtown (something like “the jungle in the middle of the city”), this design features a clip of the song We Used To Wait (Arcade Fire, of course) but in a different approach to the traditional, using the browser and very HTML5 (no Flash drop here) to show videos and animations in multiple windows that appear on your screen, with elements that interact with a window and another.

There is even a certain user interaction. Before starting the site asks you to type the name of the street you grew up. If you gave lucky to have grown up on a street that is now covered by Google Maps and Google Street View, then you see appearing as part of the clip, with ingenious elements like bird shadows flying over your street and other things that, honestly, it’s better that you watch for yourself than to be reading a description in words.

So click this link to watch. You must be using a browser fully compatible with the latest HTML5 standards (such as Chrome or Safari) and, preferably close tabs and unnecessary programs – video requires a lot of your computer.