Google Meets Apple

The Google nexus one is there in the US already to buy also in Germany in the spring. Who knows Google: make no half measures-and maybe even the Apple iPhone dispute its cult status.

The search engine giant which itself sold nexus one without a contract for $ 529 (about 370 euros) and launched it to the ‘first’ Google phone. A neat phone with modern techniques, of which we us in the Practice test already made a first image.The iconic Apple iPhone 3GS with 32 GB storage costs contract-free and unlocked to all networks at least 700 Euro, 16 Gbyte 600 euro. ERGO: the nexus one is much cheaper, but it comes up on the qualities of the iPhone? We went to the question on

Operating in the visor
The AMOLED touch screen in the nexus one provides clear views and can be operated consistently with the index finger. That worked well in the first test, also through sub-menus we maneuvered us smoothly and quickly. Reason for the good performance certainly is the brand new Android OS 2.1 and the powerful 1 GHz processor. 3.7-inch, the nexus one a tad bit provides more area than the iPhone. That is still too small, need the Windows alternative HTC HD2 with 4.3 inch access touchscreen that also with 1 GHz pulses. With Android preference, however, we recommend that much mistake Motorola milestone with pull-out QWERTY keyboard.

We could make the US version of the nexus one multi-touch-enabled with an optional app. We assume that the German version just supports the multiple-finger operation factory. Less beautiful: The four touchpad menu in the nexus one, integrated at the bottom of the display, need much finger pressure until they respond. Until the introduction of the device in this country Google should fix the vulnerability. Despite the otherwise good touch screen presentation of the nexus one, we stick to it: the fluid operation of capacitive touchscreens in the iPhone is leading the way. That not slowing down also the lower processor performance (600 MHz). On Apple’s finger-friendliness all colleagues – have to compete even the nexus one – as usual.

Android vs. iPhone OS
The Google system Android has rallied since its first implementation in the T-Mobile G1 early 2009, a stately fan base around and established itself on the mobile phone market. Especially since Google cooperates with umpteen renowned mobile phone manufacturers and offers the user a selection of models. Unlike the US Mr Apple, which focuses on a cell phone and presses on its OS to the proprietary status.

The Android updates are a real added value for the users. For example, Functions for the camera were equipped 2.0 with better features. The latest Google software converts spoken texts in sets in the nexus one (Android 2.1). Five instead of three home screens are ready for more personalization. Really revolutionary from 2.1 to Android 2.0, how’s the Motorola milestone uses the cell phone did not reveal us but so far. The implementation and the offer of the Android market does not match continue to the Apple app store in iPhone.

Online and multimedia-check
The nexus one supports also HSUPA for faster data sending via the mobile network as well as Wi-Fi and HSDPA for rapid building of Web pages. It is the iPhone a technique- but by no means current colleagues from the mobile upper class, which are generally equipped with HSUPA.

Also in the multimedia category that is by no means new benchmark nexus one. The 5-megapixel camera with LED light provides while the 3.2 mega pixel-snapping in the iPhone 3GS alone from the technical details in the shadows. But also the new Google phone doesn’t make the big leap. There were Sony Ericsson and Samsung with its 12-megapixel phones Satio or already advanced. The nexus one just like the iPhone dispenses with a front-facing camera for video calls. But we were really disappointed by the poor sound music player that comes even without Equalizer–because upstream maintains not only the iPhone, but also many other phones.

Microphone plus
The nexus one could distinguish themselves with an interesting gimmick: for optimal acoustic, Google has installed a second microphone in the phone back. The extra to call recognize background noises such as wind or construction noise and filter out.US testers are thrilled, we are looking forward to the result in the full test-in the practice test, it was still not fair to judge.

Conclusion: iPhone competitor Yes, iPhone-killer no
The fact is: the nexus one offers technically much. It puts a powerful pace of work on the day with 1-GHz clocking, delivers the brand new Android version 2.1 and could provide thanks to second microphone for crystal clear acoustics during the phone call. Revolutionary innovations not offering the new Google phone still and not denying sure whose iconic iPhone. This is both our search for clues Practice test. As a good alternative, we still see the nexus one if the full test to wait for a few more weeks.