Google Makes Changes to VoIP Service

Long time we do not speak of Google Voice, the telephony service by search engine internet. But the rumors of its end are widely exaggerated. In fact, the company decided to make the VoIP product in another facet of Hangouts, that tool that serves both to chat and to make live broadcasts on YouTube.

mobile owners with Android reported that, when opening the Hangout app, found the message to the next. “Migrate Google Voice to Hangouts”? If so, the user will receive voice and text messages directly into the already established Hangouts – Google Chat successor.

It seems that this is the intention of Google: make the phone technology to be absorbed by the other services.

Interestingly, a few weeks ago I reported an interesting situation involving Google Voice on my personal Tumblr. I was looking for a Chinese restaurant. When I located the nearest unit, Google offered the option to call the establishment. Everything directly from my computer through VoIP using the built-in microphone as a way to communicate with me attendants. The cost was 2 cents per minute.

Just I had not figured out how credits in service. That remains a mystery.

Remember, the Voice when it was released, also gave the right to have a phone line in the United States. For years, accumulated voice messages on the answering machine on products and services offered on American soil. It is not clear what Google will do about this number.

The Next Web points out that the new Hangouts + Voice puts Google on an equal footing with Apple. The iPhone has traditional telephony and VoIP, more SMS delivered by the network cell and text messages over the Internet (in the best WhatsApp style), thanks to the combination of iMessage and FaceTime.

Still missing is Google offer something more to integrate Android and computer. Apple will release iOS 8 and the system Yosemite entitled to make calls from the phone, but using the microphone and PC speaker. The same goes for SMS and iMessage messages that are synchronized between devices. Finally, computer and cell complementing. Still missing it for those who live in the Google environment.