Google Is in the Process of Large Update Round

Google updates virtually all of their service, and it sees no end out to take – read what here.

Google’s I/O 2012 is not over yet, and perhaps also why syringes it still out with news from there.

Many of the news deals with the many updates that come to Google services, and it is not few.

Already now are among other services like Youtube, Google +, Google Earth, Google Search, Google Maps and Google Street View has been updated to Android platform, some of them even to the iOS.

And most recently there has been an update to the Google Drive and Google Currently that also here adds a great deal of news for the applications.

In addition, there is a new application to the iOS platform, including Google + Google Drive and Google’s own browser, Google Chrome.

To say the least, as it is, the pure paradise for all those who use Google’s services. Then you have not been updated your applications, or downloaded the latest content to your iPhone or iPad, so hurry into Google Play or Apple’s App Store.