Google Hunts False Views on YouTube

If at first the videos YouTube were almost totally simple and amateur, today there are plenty of well – designed channels and move enough money in advertising. The problem is that watching these figures, many people have been using unfair tricks to increase the viewing statistics of your videos. But Google promises to end it.

In his blog on security, the company revealed that it will regularly audit the video viewing records to identify inflated figures and correct statistics. Not ruled out the possibility of a video or an entire channel is deleted, depending on the circumstances.

Google did not explain exactly how this will work, even to prevent its audit system is bypassed, but the company already knows the techniques used to scale views.

These include: hiring sites to open a new window (pop-under) with a video that runs automatically, create deceptive layouts to the user to play a video embedded in a page and spread links that point to a subject, but redirecting to an address on YouTube.

The inflated numbers can be used for various purposes: to increase the amounts charged for advertising on the video page, give the impression that a channel is more popular than it is in fact and to make someone get fame, for example.

Google also warns companies that promise to help make a channel or a very accessible video, but actually make use of any of these techniques to present convincing statistics, but unrealistic.

The company believes that only a fraction of the videos should be achieved by the “combing”. The audit announcement, in the end, serves more as a warning to those who come considering using any rogue device.