Google Forgets, But The Community Does Not. The 10 Nexus Receives The Nightly of 13 CyanogenMod 6.0 Android

Although the latest devices Nexus that has been launching Google have not finished persuading a part of the community, there are other members of this family still remain very dear yet when, two or three years after its launch, Google already has forgotten them and it will no longer update them.

An example what we have in the case of the Nexus 4, which in late December received her dose of Android 6.0 Marshmallow thanks to the work of the community of CyanogenMod. Now, the Nexus 10 tablet launched by Google and Samsung in October 2012 has second his steps, and I just received the latest version of the operating system through a nightly CuyanogenMod 13.

We cannot say that the Nexus-10 is the Pixel C, but with your processor 5250 Exynos of dual-core, 2 GB of RAM and their configurations from 16 and 32 GB of non-expandable internal storage has sufficient arguments to not pale the other tablets that today we are in the middle range of Android.

As we use to say in these cases, the versions of CyanogenMod nightly they are trial versions in the a priori all works, but where it is still easy to find some other fault or bug that can spoil our experience. Why, if you’re not quite sure of what you are doing the best will be expect to appear more mature versions.