Google Asus Nexus 7

The news is one that undoubtedly draw the eye, as it unveils in swoop new details on two highly anticipated products, uno hardware and other software: on the one hand we have the Nexus Tablet, which ties his name to the Asus logo, the other Jelly Bean, who doesn’t seem to be Android 5.0 but a more “bland” 4.1.

Google Asus Nexus 7

Needless to say, taking everything with springs, though it appears not be mere conjecture.

The screenshot you see above is the benchmark result Wales ES 2.0 Taiji as it will appear on your site, and show Rightwareunequivocally a tablet with 7 inch 1280 x 768 resolution and CPU Tegra 3, in which the names Google and Asus go hand in hand. Also colleagues from AndroidPolice claim to have obtained more information directly from Rightware, we quote below:

“os”: {

“android”: {

“model”: “Nexus 7”,

“hardware”: “grouper”

“manufacturer”: “asus”

“device”: “grouper”

“brand”: “google”

“display”: “XXXXXX-userdebug 4.1 JRN51B 3XXXXX dev-keys”,

“version_sdk”: “4.1”

“board”: “grouper”

“version_code”: “1”



The XXXXX were introduced for privacy reasons, but other than that it is interesting to note a few things. First of all, that the code name of this tablet is grouper, a grouper. What about the fish? Nothing to do because Google has always appointed the fish-based Nexus: the Nexus One was Mahi-Mahi, the Nexus was a Tuna (with variants maguro and toro). Even the Xoom (device not nexus but still Google Experience and standard-bearer of Honeycomb) was calledstingray. To make a long story short I mean, again use a term very precise and non-random signal is a fish.

Also in build number JRN51B the J would be right for Jelly Bean, for which the version of the SDK seems to point clearly to Android 4.1. There are in fact already been past evidence that JRN was the build number for Jelly Bean, although this squawks with old statements from Asus that they associated the marshmallows to Android 5.0 (although at the time the taiwanese company would not be aware of the version numbers that Google wanted to adopt).

In any case, if we take at face value the benchmark from which it all began, we have a Nexus Tablet manufactured by Asus with a version of Android still unpublished: as a visiting card for the Google i/o, where they probably will be presented, we seem more than interesting.