Good Toy Robots

I can not really believe that we are really made at a time when robots are really part of our lives. They build our cars for quite a while but they make their way into our homes. Last week, I presented the robots that help keep our own house. This time, I rather like talking about these robots that entertain the whole family. If like me you like the robots, come see all the amazing things that these little wonders can do.

What better than a robot that entertains and educates? Here is what we propose COJI robot programming. With it, your child will begin to program using emoji. Freeplay Mode (free play) offers simply align the various controls illustrated by signs so that the robot executes one after another with toy recycling ways from rctoysadvice. It may, for example, move for a while, turn right, back another time and finish turning on itself. It also offers two other modes (macro maze and driving) promising interesting challenges for young children.

Your kids want a dog but you’re not willing to embark on such an adventure? Maybe the dog CHIP WowWee might do the trick for a while. As the animal on which it is based, CHIP can interact with you through its advanced sensors. In the box included a bracelet and a ball. The first is to be worn by the child so that the dog follows the play and the second for a return the ball. Well as you can imagine, this really is not a replacement for a dog but it can still entertain your children long enough that they stop thinking they want a dog.

Throughout my youth, I was a big fan of Lego. I loved the opportunity to build what I wanted with the pieces. Meccano toys were another construction toy that I found really appealing and if I was still a child, do no doubt that I would like a Maccanoid G15 KS robot. Measuring more than 4 feet (no it is not an error), it includes 10 engines that allow it to move the arms, head and legs realistically. The robot can even understand voice commands and learn moves. Worse, with a special application installed in your phone, it can copy your moves and play them. It’s really impressive what he can do!

For children a little older, we offer WooWee the robot Coder MIP. Similar to COJI robot can be programmed with a series of blocks that organizes commands in the order you desire. With the application installed on your smartphone, you can show him to dance, fight or even just keep the balance. It can also respond to sounds like clapping or even hand signals. If you do not have a taste to schedule actions, you can just use the app on your phone as a remote control to move or make him run a series of preprogrammed commands.

If asked what my favorite movie, I answer without hesitation Star Wars. It is therefore no great surprise that I fell in love with the small BB-8 in the robot VIII episode released last year.The technology used in the film had impressed me but never as much as that used by Sphero to create the little robot toy BB-8. He rode home by examining the scene as if it was making a round of surveillance. When the battery becomes weak, it returns itself to its charging cradle. You can also control BB-8 with the help of your smartphone and direct in your home as if you had a remote control in his hands. Better yet, Best Buy offers an exclusive edition with a bracelet Force Band, which lets you use gestures as a jedi to push or drag your robot as you wish. Not only is it not the dream of so many geeks?

Sphero has another unusual product that resemble the robots we are accustomed. Again, this ball is programmable with an application and it will teach the basics of programming your children with the help of blocks of shares. They might as well roll the ball or change all the colors of the rainbow sky. One of the big attractions of this product is that it is waterproof and shockproof. So you can bring it out to your experiences or even to roll in the puddles on your street. How many children will want to do this stuff with the products that I mentioned earlier and will be so disappointed to learn that it’s not possible. Here, you do not have this limit and even small rocks will not burn the plastic exterior of this little sphere.

The robots are among us and I’m willing to bet that their presence will be increasingly beneficial. Yes they are used for entertainment but do not overlook all that our children can learn with programming skills. More and more people are saying that it should be taught from the primary in our schools. The logic of mathematical concepts and acquire your child while having fun will not be lost and could even give it a little extra. Who is against independent learning?

As usual, the robots that I presented you are only a small part of robots that are available on the Best Buy site. I invite you to take a look from time to time to see all new arrivals and who knows, maybe you find the new companion for your children. After all, Christmas is fast approaching and we all need suggestions for grandstanding.