Glitter Vintage Dress

For vintage dress for the holidays why not dare rhinestones and glitter? you’ll be fabulously beautiful shining brightly for the then parties dare bling bling with jewelry vintage, ethnic or original in feathers and rhinestones, dare dresses frou frou and lamé and follow these practical tips that will make you more beautiful to go dancing!

What is the glitter?

These are the sequined clothing, whether or not plated color, the season is under the sign of glitter, sequins and promises women fashion shine in any circumstance. The glitter gives a feminist and glamor, a side a little rebellious and causing too. This must shining light, that is the ideal fit for a dressing of glitter.

If we dare not play hard

Then we opt for shoes or a bag bag touch that is worn with an outfit all black, a black vintage dress exampled on Or a beautiful brooch that shines on a jacket tie. There are lots of elements in a silver lamé and style, or golden. You choose the glitter you need, and if you can not find the clothes you need, choose an accessory, a handbag or a hair jewelry like headband with rhinestones or feathers or even the headband. Essential this season with a great return of the eighties, it is necessary in the wardrobe of the fashion trendsetters. So treat yourself because the glitter and sequins are spot a trend that is not ready to end.