Glasses or Lenses?

At other times, realize that you couldn’t see more what was written on the blackboard, or couldn’t see the number of the bus until he was very close, was a tremendous hassle and you see complaining about having to wear glasses and finish your look. But today this is no longer seen as a concern. The horn-rimmed glasses have become a fashion item super loved by women, many famous also adhere the look modern and leave it with that intellectual air.

As well as clothing, accessories and everything that makes up the visual, the sunglasses also have a model darling of time, says Diseaseslearning. But beware! Unlike some fashion items, not all types of glasses combine with all kinds of faces.

So, we will indicate the falling glasses better with each type of face:


The square face can be identified when the jaw traits are sharp and the other parts of the face are wide. It is recommended to opt for more round or oval frames that soften the contours of the face.

Inverted Triangle

The triangular face is identified when the upper part of the face is wide/wide and the bottom is thin. The best are the smaller models that take the highlight thin chin, giving the impression that it is wider.


The rounded face is identified when face measurements are equal, the more rounded chin and cheeks. For this type of face is more indicated frames with straight lines, like square or rectangular models, which help give the impression that the face is thinner.


The oval face is considered to be the most harmonious, it is identified by having the chin slightly narrower that the region of the forehead. This type of face do not highlight any particular piece, so it blends with all types of glasses. Valley bet as much on how much square or rounded oval.

Although the horn-rimmed glasses are super well accepted nowadays, some people prefer contact lenses. They are much more practical than the glasses depending on the place you go and look that you want to use. But for those who prefer the lenses, it is very important to have some daily care with the item, its use of incorrectly can cause infections and other ocular damage.

Next, select the most important care to care for your contact lenses:

Lens Hygiene

It is important to clean the lenses before and after its use, to prevent external microorganisms come into contact with your eye. Whenever you clean your lenses, don’t forget to wash and dry your hands, there are microorganisms that we can’t see with the naked eye, but can be in our hands. After washing your hands, you can handle the lenses, always rinse ACE with the cleaning solution for contact lenses. You can rub them to clean better, but don’t forget to rinse them with his own solution, it is not recommended to use water in the wash.

Care Kit

Don’t forget to keep the lens clean always pillbox. After the use of lenses, you must keep them dipped in the cleaning solution in your lens case. It is important to change the solution inside the case every time you use, do not reuse the solution. Expert suggests the case every 3 months, because it can become a source of contamination with the time.

Time of Use

According to experts, is not suitable to use the lenses for more than 12 hours. To be in direct contact with the eyes for a long time, contact lenses can interfere with the natural lubrication of the eyes, which causes dryness and discomfort. It is not recommended to sleep with contact lenses, they hinder the flow of oxygen from the ocular region, dry eyes and cranky. Something else that is not recommended, is to use the lenses in the pool or in the sea, because the lenses are subject to micro-organisms present in the water.

Exchange of Lenses

It is important to respect the deadline for exchange of contact lenses, there are daily, monthly and annual lenses, stay tuned to the period of exchange of their lenses, not replace them in the right period can cause damage and discomfort. The exchange within is important because the lenses undergo changes during use, changing its permeability and curvature, which interferes in its effectiveness and eye protection.

Now that you know how to choose the frame that most suits you and the care that should be with, is it easy to switch between them and vary the visual!