Giving Watches as a Gift

Quality or quantity

Some believe that it is only the watch models that cost as a smaller house that offers real quality. If so, you’ll climb mountains in Nepal and swim under the water on the way there so it can of course be great if you invest in a watch that can also alternate as the compass and air compressor, but for everyday and festival situations so do you really not out which are exact copies of what the defense pilots use. This means that you can actually get both quality and quantity and indulge yourself several copies with the knowledge that these will actually last. Serious clock designers looking to work with good technique clockwork and glass so that you can get a unique model that you can trust.Since then, the fact is that the designer watches often be produced as unique collections so it’s not that the rest of the world’s population will have the same model. In ten years, people will sigh and wish that they also discovered the clock you have on your wrist when it was still being sold.

Watch as gift

There are few jewelry that is as good as gifts to the watch, according to chronologicalwatches. The strikes and the bracelet because this concerns something that is both beautiful and practical. Everyone benefits from a clock and there are models to suit all tastes.If you know the person you want to watch to have a bracelet from a jewelry designer who also has out that one can add to the bracelet, this is a really nice gift. One can even get the bracelet with out-charms as a start so that the person receiving the gift can later choose to build or allow the clock to be as it is. Among the “buildable” models include the brand  STORY.

Our Range

In addition to the above mentioned brands so you can also find watches in steel from Oxxo Design, Dyrberg / Kern, Thomas Sabo, Yvette Hass and Guess in the webshop. Our product range is continuously expanded and new kollektione, about 2 to 3 times per year from each brand.