Give a Touch of Brightness in Your Carnival

A few days for the Carnival, but a lot of people is already fantasizing about and enjoying the street blocks by the cities.
So, today I brought a few options for you that has no fantasy but want to raze the make of the revelry.Those who want to enjoy the Carnival don’t need exactly have a fantasy or a special outfit to jump the Carnival.

If you do not have a special outfit (If you want to improvise on fantasy, between this post!), it’s your turn to play in the glow of glitter, sequins, chatons, rhinestones and other pieces that will leave your make beautiful.

Let’s The Inspirations:

Tips For That Kind Of Make Last For Hours:

Cleanse and tone the face before you start makeup;
Apply primer to make makeup last hours;
Always use waterproof makeup because of the sweat and the heat that’s doing.

Products For:

Strass stones, chatons and sequins: always use the glue false eyelashes to secure well into the skin and after the fixative waterproof makeup.
To glitter: always use a primer before. If you want to give a special touch in makeup, use a shade of the color of glitter, then the primer and the glitter.
To apply glitter eyebrow: Start with the Primer on eyebrow and then glitter over it with a brush. Already in the eyes can also be with your fingertips.