Get the Play Even If You Don’t Have Our Site

Now you can with this little tweaks get access to 18 million music tracks for only 10 dollars per month.

Our site’s music service is usually available only for our site’s own customers. Are you customer by another telecommunications company, however, you can access the service. It requires you use a loophole through one of TDC’s discount services.

The website our site has described how you can acquire you access to our site’s major music service for only ten dollars a month, even if you don’t have a subscription with our site.

You must create a free subscription to TDC’s discount mobile service Click, and insert the SIM card you are sending in another mobile phone than the one you are using.

Our site provides users who do not have activity on their Click-subscription charge ten dollars a month, but it is a cheap price to pay for access to our site Play.

-“The first time you try to access the TDC Play, you will be prompted to enter your mobile number to receive a 4-digit activation code. Here you enter your mobile number, and then Click new TDC you receive an sms with the code on the phone you have the SIM card from the Click in the code you enter on your normal. smartphone and hey presto, you now have access to more than 18 million music tracks for only ten dollars a month, “it writes our site.

If the solution will also work when the application is shut down and will be our site Play to My our site is not known.