Get out in Pajamas Even in Winter

Let’s face it: after all these days of vacation, the idea of returning to the office, tuck jeans or suit, maybe a pair of high heels or boots is not the first thing that comes to mind in the morning when we would only be able to remain another hour in bed wrapped in our favorite pajamas. Not to mention the weekend: parties, ceremonies, dinners with friends .. with this cool who wants to wear something other than jeans and sweater super hot?

This winter, however, the fashion (maybe) has decided to come a bit ‘meeting and launch a boss has become icon of causal summer chic look, even for the winter season. I refer to the pajama style, a more current trend especially regarding the spring-summer, which this year was raised from the big house for all seasons, of course reviewed in more key cozy and warm.

The pajamas out of bed

Unlimited way for tunics large, colorful patterns, shiny and iridescent fabrics, often in 100% silk sashes that shake gently life, wide trousers and soft falling down the leg with sensuality and elegance. It is a luxurious and sensual version of the classic men’s pajamas, a garment that combines femininity and sensuality to a boyish touch, but who depends on the elegance of bearing and on some key accessories that will make your look perfect, special and unexpected into the night!

Pajamas style in winter

Hence the winter version of the now beloved pajamas style is enriched with key accessories to make the look even suitable for colder temperatures (obviously I would say that it is not recommended to wear it for long walks outdoors, but for dinners / parties / events closed you can definitely consider).

Then add your silk pajamas favorite a couple of stockings, a pair of winter shoes (sandals worn with socks, boots, ankle boots or creeper) and supplemented this by adding a heavy coat or a thick fur coat to be tightened at the waist with a thin belt. Now your look pajama style will have nothing to envy, for elegance and sensuality, to evening dresses and you’ll be ready for a new event without sacrificing comfort!