Get Application to Calculate the Value of your iPhone

If you think you want your iPhone or iPad with the upcoming version, so an application can calculate the sales price of the old one.

If you go and have plans to sell your current iPhone or iPad so there will be able to afford the new, so it can be difficult to set a price.

But why not make it even easier, and let the application calculate the sales price for you? The sales price as appears in the last step, is a very good average rating for a used iPhone, and as a starting point, you can try to sell your iPhone to the price.

Application SellMe detects even your iPhone model, the size of the memory, and the iOS version running with. There should be select Yes and no to a number of questions to the application can calculate a sales price.

Finally, we can announce the iPhone directly on eBay, if you have a user account on this Web page. SellMe supports the following iOS devices: iPhone 3 g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, and iPod Touch 3.and (4). generation.

Download the app free for iPhone and iPad in Apple’s App Store.