Germany’s Next Top Phone

Nasty bones or designer cream pies? Xonio has sighted the new releases 2009 and awarded the five most beautiful phones. 

Of course, Cell phones must work. But why must everything is functional, automatically uninspired or even ugly look like? The cell phone manufacturers have now understood that: whole flocks of designers vote exactly the models on the targeted audience. They are even more sometimes less successful.

Xonio has crawled the new releases in 2009 and compiled a selection of the most beautiful phones. While we have taken care that not only the exterior, but also the inner values are. We have deliberately excluded price bomber such as Nokia’s “Arte series” or completely overpriced “Vertu” cellphones device. Rather we chose managed recycling tray design innovations such as the LG GD900 with its transparent keyboard or the Samsung Mlay with his.

Simple And Slender: HTC Magic

By reduction to the essentials the HTC Magic makes up for many design blunders of his G1-Kollegens.

So exciting the Google G1 phone is: in terms of design and operation of the T-Mobile bones delivers a coherent image. To help the almost excessive control options. All too often, the question is the user: take I now the trackball, the built-in keyboard or the touch screen?

The second Google phone, also from the HTC factory, makes it easier for the users. A keyboard no longer there in the HTC Magic Mobile prolific writer or Simser should so decide for a different model.

Thanks to its compact size and weight of 120 grams, the business phone is light and slim. A curve, similar to that seen by the MOTORIZR Z8, can cling to the phone on the face shapes.

Several mechanical keys are attached below the touchscreen, which blend harmoniously into the overall picture and are covered with the most important functions. The keys are advised not to fitzelig and can be operated well.

Star of the unit is the central navigation key: A rasterized trackball, of up to aBlackBerry storm turns out as good control. Doing more complex tasks easy common touch screen.

The technical equipment of the Android phones is satisfactory at first glance. The HTC Magic comes with a 3.2-megapixel camera, touchscreen, HSDPA, Wi-Fi and GPS receiver. Despite the previously published images, the device appears only in black.

Until the second Google phone is exclusive to Vodafone, you have to wait until April.

Miracle Flounder: Toshiba TG01

Toshiba’s cell phone designers don’t make a mess, she pads. The quad-band phone TG01 wants to make everything better than the iPhone. The design is very interesting in any case.

Toshiba TG01 has a superlative after another. With 4.1 inch, it represents the largest screen (4.1 inch) of all mobile phones. It uses Toshiba of its REGZA TV technology–the display is crisp-sharp.

Height and width are significantly larger than the competitors: AiPhone looks against the TG01 almost dwarfish. The aluminium housing of the TG01 is 9.9 mm and thus considered “the thinnest Smartphone in the world” according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Also, Snapdragon, the 1 GHz mobile processor is supposed to be the most powerful chip of all current business models. He integrated GPS and 3 g connectivity on a single chip and provides efficient playback of movies. For, space is possible by the way en-masse: the TG01 supports memory cards up to 32 GB.

Not only the exterior, the software looks excellent. The home screen is divided into three parts and shows the basic icons. Current mail and messages are immediately visible.

The user interface has been completely redesigned for Windows Mobile 6.1 phones. Incoming calls can be accepted where you shake the phone. Between open applications, the user navigates through tilting of the TG01 right or left. The complete control system manages with one hand.

Thanks to the support of HSDPA, HSUPA and EDGE, GPS and A-GPS, as well as its intuitive handling, the TG01 clearly involved in the Oberliga. Is a 3.2-megapixel cameras, audio and video player work with all current formats.

In Germany, the smart phone to appear in the summer-exclusive to O2. A price has not yet been set.

Sustainability As A Principle: Samsung Blue Earth

Eco mobile with Samsung on the showcase in Barcelona a few weeks enormous attention. It shows that Eddy can make not only an elegant upper shell, but also a clever idea.

If you understand design as a discipline, in which not only the external form, but also the inner values count, then Samsung’s ‘Blue Earth’ ranks.

The mobile Bowl is made of recycled plastic bottles. The rear of the housing consists of a solar panel. The Panel should be manufacturer capable of loud, to convert sunlight into energy. Until the battery is full, it takes 12 hours. Who wants to have it faster, use the enclosed power supply, that will be allegedly very energy efficient.

The software takes seriously the word of “Power Management”. Display brightness, backlight, and Bluetooth use are regulated by the software resource-efficient as possible.

The supplied programs can promise a lot: A Pedometer tells the user how much CO2 he saves while walking. If you leave your car so that the mobile phone quickly gives you a sense of achievement.

The Samsung eco model to appear in the second half of the year in the UK. A German launch date has not been set.

Nice Side-Slider: Nokia E75

Nokia’s Communicator series never was a figment of beauty. The relative newcomer E75 does everything right in terms of design.

Nokia has just a good run: after the 5800 Xpress music not only in the mobile top ten, but also in favor of Xonio readers all the way up has skyrocketed, the Finns with the E75 set after another potential hit.

Already a first glance reveals that the E75 is a model that has more under the hood. The design effect despite its rounded corners significantly, almost a little bulky. The mobile phone is reflected black, Brown and rusty red in the color choice rather for men as for woman’s hand. The mobile phone for the time being only in black is available in Germany.

At first glance, nothing reveals that Nokia’s messaging phone hides a full keyboard. But pushes the user the fascia to right, appears the backlit QWERTY keyboard.It slides the mechanics about the crotch, which divides the keyboard into two halves, but doesn’t bother with typing. The phone is of course aimed at the tap. The full keypad allows a brisk entering text.

The quick access buttons for “Home”, “Calendar”, and “Email” were relegated to the page, what good does the clarity. A new Navi button on the front panel to allow faster navigating. A pity that the number keys have got something small.

While the new Communicator is rather bulky down, Nokia does pretty much everything right in the design of the E75 – at least at first glance. First, the test will be whether we can give a real purchase recommendation for mobile phones. In any case you will find the E75 already in our Price comparison listed as 400 euro.

Retro Charm: HTC Touch Diamond2

The design of the HTC Touch Diamond2 could be straight out of the better half of the 80s: it mixes 3D-Retroelemente with noble materials, modern look and good technique.

Who sees the white numerals on the screen of the HTC Touch Diamond2, for the first time, feels back in the eighties: the similarity with ancient digital radio clocks is unmistakable.

But not only the watch in the classic 3D-Blätterlook is striking. A narrow strip of stainless steel completes a full touch screen, which looks not only elegant, but has also a practical use: with the finger you can zoom in the zoom bar below the display Web pages, photos, or documents.

On the back, the designers have the distinctive design of its predecessor HTC Touch Diamond changed: there is now no longer a bevelled edge, according to HTC, many users criticized that this cut shaky leaves the phone on the table.

Also the haptics satisfies: the flat case is lightweight, stable and fits easily in the hand.

The Windows Mobile 6.1 software is already working in a first teststable and satisfactory: As a portable Office the Diamond2 cuts a fine figure, as long you have to type not larger amounts of text. Are Office Mobile, with programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, PDF and zip files are handled easily.

Technically there is to complain about nothing: Wi-Fi, HSDPA up to 7.2 MBit/s are GSM quad band on board. New is the better display resolution of 480 x 800 pixels at a larger size of 3.2 inches. The microSD slot now also supports memory cards with up to 16 GB. A solid 5 megapixel camera, is also being added.

A few things could be improved. For example, GPS on board, a sat-nav software or even cards are missing. Also the battery belongs not just to the time runners.

The touch Diamond2 will appear starting in April in Germany, can be but already for around Pre-order 460 euros.