Garmin Forerunner 920XT Watch

Garmin unveiled the new Forerunner 920XT, evolution of 910 but with many extra features. The new Garmin product series, which began with the release of Forerunner 620 and 220 and which saw the introduction of the new activity trackers, culminating now with the brand new Forerunner 920XT.

The new color display is the change that jumps right out at you but, in fact, it’s probably also the most marginal. Hard to say what the extra features that would help because the new 920XT seems to have really anything that can make happy a triathlete (but also ski Mountaineer and skyrunner) who wishes to have anything under control. It’s not easy to make a complete list of features without writing a tome, but try to see those who jump to the eye at first glance.

In swimming the new model created by Garmin provides all the data you need: the number strokes, split times, distance travelled until you arrive at swolf: the algorithm that provides the efficiency of swim by crossing the number of strokes, the time to take a bath and the length of the tank itself.

In cycling, the main new features are the ability to interface with power meters (with the single leg) and control the action cam Virb and the inclusion of the altimeter.

In the race we find the same functionality as the Forerunner 620 which, thanks to new heart rate monitor, cadence signals, vertical oscillation of the bust and calculate the values of VO2 max, in other words the maximum capacity for oxygen consumption during physical exertion and recovery time needed during and after training. In addition there is a metronome that – oddly enough – I think it’s one of the most useful tools for running.

In everyday life, the new 920XT becomes clock, activity tracker and watches – Sure, its dimensions are not really is pocket handkerchief but still 15% reduction in weight and 18% of the thickness.

It’s interesting how the great technology of this device is designed for use both in the specialist that athletic endeavor in everyday life; thanks to the battery life that in the race, thanks to a new system of intelligent detection of GPS signal, can reach up to 40 hours.

Available from October in the colors black-blue and white-red, the Forerunner 920XT costs only € 449 for the device or € 499 in the version with heart rate monitor HRM-Run included.