Games and Toys

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I rarely show the little girls playing with some expensive toy, electronic or full of technology.

Not that I’m against, far from it. But I think the Ipads already realize occupy much of the attention of our children. Even I’ve positioned on the moderate use on children’s routine. I think it’s important to find a balance as we cannot deprive our children of a technology that does and will be part of their lives, but we cannot condition their routine to these devices.

The girls watch enough television (of course, in a good sense), and the Ipad I allow for a little while always supervised by me.
But the purpose of this post is to tell a little as I can play and stimulate a smart and simple way. Without relying on buying the latest release of the Barbie or the castle of Elsa that plays music. Besides, I don’t have the least pleasure in spending with these toys as well as break and lose parts, cost money and are still without battery. Just have that little box with the parafusinhos for I never put a stack and the toy be leaning according to INTERNETIEST.COM.
I’ll quote some toys and games to take home that cstimulam concentration and creativity and that fit in the pocket of all mothers. I think it’s important that the child can make do with what we have to offer and not spend all day asking or wanting a new toy. Just like I think it’s important not to fill them all day with activities, courses and games. The child has to learn that there’s a time for everything and that in a few moments you will have nothing to do. And it can be quiet a bit or do driver some of these activities below.
Puzzle-This I quote as the number 1 activity to stimulate your child. You see with a certain frequency Bruna photos on Instagram assembling puzzle and her evolution in the number of pieces. For her it’s a child super impatient and flustered, the puzzle is a huge challenge. It is a time that the child learns to be alone, observe, think and even stimulates motor coordination. And for us it’s great to know that parents can relax a little bit right now. Puzzle is a cheap toy, easy to find and you can carry in a bag and take it anywhere.

Mounting blocks-Blocks Lego type, say “type” need not necessarily be Lego, has dozens of cheaper brands and that meet perfectly. The blocks allow varieties of jokes that the imagination of the child wants. Always play with them who will make the biggest Tower without dropping, who joins more blocks of the same color, build castles, anyway …. And as these blocks are standardized in size, you can increase the amount you have at home.
Artistic Activities-These are the ones I love most. Not just because I like creative things, but also to see how girls like and have fun. Have varied roles at home (preferably large, to put on the ground) and ink, pen, glue, glitter, cutouts, Rhinestones, buttons, ribbons and the like always allows activities that stimulate creativity and concentration. Has become routine to spend in shops like Kalunga to do a “estoquinho” of things that occupy the girls. Many parents don’t like their children do dirt at home or are you afraid to paint or ruin anything. But my tip is; find a location where you can line the floor, put old clothes and let your child have fun. Gradually the kids will understand that the place of painting is there, and you can’t get dirty other places. So always buy paints and pens washable!
Play-Doh-Another item that can not miss here. The DOH is an element that stimulates motor skills and creativity. See something that you have at home such as sticks, straws, pots and provide for children.
Kitchen–Another joke that children love! If you have any cliques and plates of them can use. If not, nothing that a little cups and plastic plates won’t fix. Take some rice, corn, beans, pasta (all raw) and give to children.
Household Tasks-Oddly enough, the girls love and helps teach from an early age as a lot of work to clean and organize a House. Always give a damp cloth for each one and ask for help to pass on the furniture. You cannot imagine the joy!
Playing on the floor with masking tape. For the girls, make a hopscotch. For boys, a circuit for cars. There’s no people don’t like!
These are some of the activities we do with the girls at home. They also love to see books and play hut!
As I’m remembering other ride a new post!
And you tend to play with your children?