Gameloft Announces Two Major News

Gameloft now publishes one of their main goals for 2012, as well as a brand new UNREAL games have been partially previewed.

Gameloft is in advertising mood and releasing now two news for mobile world.

The first news brings the most pleasure for Android fans, as Gameloft now can tell that one of their goals for 2012, is to launch Android and iOS games at the same time, and thus end by favoring one or the other platform.

The other big news is that Gameloft brings yet another UNREAL game to the mobile platform, in fact, will be the game that has not yet been given any name, the first game that utilizes the UNREAL graphics to the fullest, it is write our site.

So far there are only surfaced a picture up of the game, but by visiting Gamelofts Facebook page, you can be among the first to see the trailer for the game, and maybe even get the name lit.