G24 LED Light Bulb

G24-jacks for compact lamps

The G24 is a special high-voltage Jack, which long time was reserved for the compact fluorescent tube. Versions are widespread in the industry, as well as in outdoor lighting lamps for operation with compact lamps into G24 used. Often, they are used in large recessed reflector luminaires.

The construction of G24 lamps

The distance of one G24 bulb plug pole is 24 mm socket. Lamps with G24 plug-in base can be equipped with two or four plug-in Poland. Since fluorescent lamps always require a low wattage, G24 jacks are up to 26 Watt rule for services. G24 bring a special versions and the lamps with matching base if several compact lamps are used in a lamp. In this case, each lamp has a firm place in one of the versions. For this reason, the product description contains a number that indicates where the light is at the end.

G24 LED lamp

According to AceinLand, a G24 Jack can accommodate also LED lamps without more reconstruction with G24 plug-in base. Because a LED lamp with a power consumption by 8 Watt replaced a 26 Watt compact fluorescent bulb, use brings a saving of about 70 percent with LED technology. LED lamps are characterized by durability and robustness. They are impervious to cold, heat, moisture, and vibration and therefore especially suitable for use in large production halls and outdoors. Do LED lamps with G24 plug-in base without ballast, the light is immediately flicker-free with the total luminosity available. LED lamps with G24 plug-in base are free of Leuchtgasen, mercury and other damage.