FynBus Ready with New Ticket Application

People now can quickly and easily buy the ticket for the bus. FynBus is ready with a new ticket application.

Back in 2008 launched FynBus SMS-ticket, and now they are again ready with a new offer to passengers, as nuhurtigt and can easily buy the ticket for the bus, via a new ticket application.

-“SMS-ticket showed us to the easier and more logical we can do things faster takes your customers new technique for themselves. Mobile ticket is based on logic and intuition and, therefore, many users find it really easy to use, and it has been very important in the whole development process,” says Director, Selvakumar to TV 2 Fyn.

So are you a resident on the island of Funen, or come over during the summer, so remember to download the application “FynBus Mobile ticket” in the App Store, Google Play Big or on mobilbillet.fynbus.dk – it is free.