Funny Swimsuit Accidents

They chose their swimwear to be the most beautiful, and here on the beach, oops! They had not expected. Read the hilarious stories of Naima, Mathilde, Aissata, Bénédicte, Surya, Cécile, Servanne, Adeline or even David…

  • The Jersey flowing

OK, I’m a 38 and that one is a 40 but it is so beautiful and this is the last in this model, and more it is on sale and in front of the mirror, it fits me really well. First day, I get out of the water this Halle Berry in ‘ James Bond ‘. Except that once SWIG of water, my great deal is no longer one of all: upstairs, it’s pocket, as the panties, I look to wear diapers draped… I’m off to buy a bikini at the bombebikini of the port. That everyone has, grrr.


  • Hair on track

This year, I’m going on holiday on the coast. Accustomed to Brittany and the sweater on the beach, there I am a Jersey for sunbathing. In the shop, I’m lucky, ‘you can all afford’, and I am leaving with a low ‘there than you to wear this’. Cut in V. A very small V. I can take it, except that it involves a waxing perfect at all times. I am a brown skinned… Beauticians will tell you what the best customers.


  • Flighty breast

For an opulent chest, I had been warned: the headband that’s risky. But I too want! “He has reinforcements on the side and underneath, said said the saleswoman. You can jump up, you see, nothing will move. “Zboïng, zboïng, indeed, the headband stays in place on the breasts, tried, adopted, purchased. It is only once on the beach that I realize that we jump not so much. But we lie, sit, turn, get up, stretch fours to catch the bottle in the basket… All in constantly to ensure that nothing escapes. That, I spent my vacation the hand over the heart.


  • Teeth of the sea

I fall for the sexy side of the thing, how my love will undo these links suddenly teeth. Except that I like to jump in the waves, it’s great fun, and that is that a stronger Undertow unties my bikini : I find myself the buttocks in the air. Talk about a sexy side!


  • The Tan at right angles

“This is the big trend!” says the saleswoman. And it’s true it’s great graphic, this trikini, a Jersey kind one-piece but very hollow to size, finally it is hard to explain but very nice door. Convinced, I buy it. I can already see my figure on the beach, my curves that will harmoniously highlighted that, as with my dark skin I bronze soon, it will be top. Except that the first night, I take it off and horror: in bronze on light background stand oval and hexagons… I have the brand of the geometric shirt! I spent the rest of my fifteen days to do fittings Tan.


  • Sponge Bob

Breast push up on the sand, great for me including the top flirting with the 85B! On the advice of an expert friend in seduction, I choose a shirt with pads foam, knotted at the neck, and a bar for good to separate the breasts. In the mirror, I can’t: I’ve got the Kardashian look ! I love, until I bathe. Whenever I go out of the ocean, the padding is full of water, and I have to wring each breast.


  • The nipple that points

My Jersey is brand new, I chose it to swim with all summer. Me I don’t am not the type to stay languid on the towel, if there’s the ocean front is to swim in it. The water is freezing, oops I go. I come away any waggle. “It’s good?”, am in my boyfriend. “Anyway, it’s the effect.” And I understand immediately what he means: through the fabric, both ends of enthusiastic breasts. No doubt, cold water, it strengthens… Well, I’ll wrap me in my briefcase so.


  • The White Jersey

For our honeymoon, I thought ‘ it’s too good a White Jersey! Very expensive… but in this nice hotel in Mauritius, it will be so fitting! And it’s my first bath of married woman, in the Indian ocean. I get out of the water and my husband says “uh…”. “then go get me a pareo. Yes, my White Jersey, once wet, is totally transparent… It is here that we are very happy to have taken a room with direct access to the beach.


  • The hook effect

My girlfriend brought me to Rio. Jersey crochet, it’s hair cell fitting with the Corcovado, samba, the caipirinha, Alessandra Ambrossio, brief the creature pure sex. Except that, on my Beach on the island of Groix, I heard a little boy: “look Granny, Lady, she put your doilies!