Fossil Breaker Dive Watch

To have as much style on land and under water

Fossil creates Breaker, a man’s watch that breaks with the usual codes of diving watches, while combining technical and design.

Technical watch, design, modern and vintage. Impossible ? Not really! Fossil successful indeed a nice mix of styles with his new diving watch called Breaker.

Fossil, an authentic brand

You probably know already, but it may be recalled that the Fossil brand develops, innovates and distributes modern fashion accessories, refined but very vintage. Such is his trademark. It is in this spirit that created the Breaker watch: a watch that defies the conventions on the subject, but highly technical-we find all the technical prowess of a watch classic dive-and design sophisticated yet vintage.

A watch limited to 554 copies

The shows Breaker is for men. To design this expensive watch, timedictionary found inspiration in the diving watches of the sixties, nevertheless adding many modern touches. The Breaker has three bracelets. Nylon, polyurethane and stainless steel, which can change according to his desires

The creation of new Fossil comes in an orange plastic box of high quality: even a button to ‘pressure adjustment, for a perfect seal and a long life. Waterproof, the dive watch is the Breaker up to 200 meters deep. It is also equipped with a unidirectional bezel graduated from 0 to 360 degrees and therefore focuses both on land and under water.

Genuine, elegant and refined, the dive watch Fossil Breaker is available in limited edition: only 554 copies were made, which you can find in some stores Fossil, from authorized resellers and site suggested retail price of 449 euros.