Forma Adventure Low Boots


Forma shortens its flagship model in the off-road category in order to make a model more suited to everyday life. Adventure Low boots keep however this particular look and features that should appeal to the owners of trails.
Typed boots off-road agree, inevitably, fine trails and maxi-trails. But when these run more often on the bitumen that in railways, such boots may be a little binding on a daily basis by their stiffness e.g. aesthetics become a little too extreme. Not to mention their stalks and many loops of clamping height. The Italian firm Forma fits so and reveals the Low Adventure, shorter and theoretically more civilized.

Forma Adventure Low boots: Waterproof, reinforced and less high
Announced lower than the Forma Adventure, these Adventure Low maintain still a substantial stem height. They seem, according to the data provided by the manufacturer, almost as high as road boots. There is so little concern about their ability to protect the weather (including wind) and falls. For the latter, the Adventure Low ship malleolus guards while the heel and the toe of the foot receive shells molded for safety, in the ruts and rise of leader. The leather full grain, for its part, should allow this model to be flexible, which will be appreciated during the urban developments and travel on foot.
With a personalized announced membrane waterproof, rainy trips will not be a problem… If the promises are true. We will wait for a trial before believing formed Word. Finally, the very notched sole allow Getaways in difficult terrain and allows these boots do not usurp their name, as the micrometric buckles that can be replaced.

Available from 38 to 49 (!) in a single colour brown, Forma Adventure Low boots are certified according to standard EN 13634 (see Philosophynearby) and appear to €189,90. A high enough rate hoped justified by benefits live up to this one.