For Those Who Love Makeup!

Makeup is an issue which every woman likes, there’s no denying, but good is when we go shopping and we can test products before everything! This is the only way we can be sure that you have all the lipstick color and nice texture; tom and dust combines with our skin; etc… For those who lives in questions about news of the beauty market, nothing better than the “tester” to control the quality of the product.

As today our tip is de beauté, went after some brands of makeup that we prove, we approve and recommend: Artdeco, Revlon, Payot and Biomarine, among others. See our photos and go after what you love!

This pancake of Revlon ‘s ótimoooo, makes a super skin coverage and has a long duration!

For anyone who loves eyes marked indicated the pencil and lashes masks of the Art Deco district, Revlon and Payot, which are super soft, creamy and easy to apply! Hint: blow with a rubber washer on top of the dash of black pencil (we love because it doesn’t need apontar…rs retractable), you will have a result super cute, modern and current!!

The even Revlon shadow are mega Jokers in necessaire!

The lipstick is an indispensable item for women and also a basic item of makeup, one eye done right, marked with beautiful shadows is nothing without a mouth color.

Bet on hairpieces to make a seductive look instantly. Long lashes can make your eyes look bigger, fuller and more inviting.

Use appropriate brushes helps give a better finish to makeup. Find the right brush is as important as choosing the brand of makeup and your application form via Ehealthfacts. Prefer a round brush and soft. Avoid buying the hard brushes and pricking the cheek, the ideal is to test in the Palm of your hand or face.

The Biomarine, brand of dermacosmetics that brings the glamor of caviar in its products, is launching the Bio Primer, innovative skin cosmetic cream product that prepares the skin for makeup, after cleaning. The Bio Primer is indicated to increase adhesion and fixing the makeup. Its use reduces the oiliness and the brightness of the skin, for its soft texture, velvety and dry touch, quick absorption.

To leave the clean skin after make-up, Biomarine line also developed a milk makeup remover, which can be used on the face and eye contour, the Pure Face. The product removes all makeup in the blink of an eye, including those for long-lasting and waterproof.