Football Club Shirt Sponsorship Deals

In professional football and amateur football in almost all clubs a shirt sponsor. For Premier League clubs, this is necessary in order to generate revenue. Until about 1980 Major League clubs had no shirt sponsor. As with other sports like volleyball and basketball, football clubs have also begun placing ads on their jerseys. The first football club in professional football was with Ajax as a sponsor TDK. The cooperation has received much attention in the media in connection with the large amount of Ajax rated this. It was at that time, namely that the 650,000 guilders, which was a huge sum at the time. Other football clubs were interested in this also a sponsor.

What is a sponsor?

A sponsor is an organization or a person who supports a sports association, in this case in Exchange for publicity. The Sports Club will receive a predetermined amount, and the sponsor is trying to get the attention of the audience in this way.

Shirt Sponsorship in foreign football

For years, FC Barcelona had no shirt sponsor. As of 2006, a change here. They then placed a logo TV3 on the left arm. In 2006 they also added a shirt sponsor, namely UNICEF. This, however, they earn no money. UNICEF also annually receive 1.5 million euros from FC Barcelona. This is unique in the world of football where it’s all about money. The Dutch clubs receive money annually from shirt sponsor, but above all, some Spanish and English clubs easily surpass the maximum amount to be paid in the Netherlands. European football clubs which annually receives the largest amount of their shirt sponsor is:

Shirt Sponsorship in the Dutch football

In our country, it is now very large amounts of up to EUR 10 million. Outbound from football clubs who play football at the highest level in 2009/2010 season refers to the following amounts:
* DSB Bank went bankrupt in October 2009
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