Folded Jeans Style

Folded jeans, good or anus? What do style guides? What says Manolo?

As a shorter guy, it may be horribly difficult to get hold of a pair of jeans that are sufficiently short in the legs and which, moreover, are good, why the legs often folded up about 1 thumb at the bottom. It will be easy so as to not have to wait for the deal to put them up (or you yourself do it) which can easily take a couple of days. You want to wear the new jeans right away.

What do you say about folded jeans?


There is no clear style rules for the turn-up on jeans. But we can say this: the upturned section is not an excuse not to put up a pair of jeans that are too long. Have you found a nice pair of jeans at bargain price but which has 38 ‘ in length, just make sure to get them uploaded. It is worth the extra cost.

In General, one can say that the inside of the jeans may often have nice details. It can be about a Selvage or sleek seams. It can also be a nice color contrast between the outer and inner side of the denim fabric with a cuff.

In short:
Yes, it’s okay with cuff on the jeans.
No, it’s not okay to have huge turn-up for purchasing the jeans with the wrong length.

But you who buy unwashed jeans and get them uploaded-please keep in mind that they will shrink the part when they eventually end up in the water. Make them a little longer than you had planned.

Speaking of this, we cannot help but run even part three in the series, Bathe with jeans (part one+ part two) then Gustav informs us that he now washed their jeans (against our recommendations) and at 90 degrees … We are very curious to see what result it gave.