Fluorescent Necklaces Signed Stellina Fabbri

Take the now established trend of using skulls as fashion icons, unite us the colors of summer, or the fluorescent colors, and here comes for all passionate about fashion and cute accessories but not prohibitive collection SKULL CHAINS signed by RRRJewerly, a former publisher who decided to reinvent itself and jump into the world of jewelery.

Summer is now upon us, and although time is not yet beautiful, it’s time to choose what to wear to go to the beach. The costumes? Well, choose among the many proposals of famous brands like D & G or versions low cost of Zadar, it will not be difficult. The sandals right? Equally, just look at the proposals of the best brands. The beach bags should not forget, this year it seems impazzerà straw!

What is missing then? But the accessories! We can not get to the beach without wearing the right accessories!

Of course, we do not recommend highly cumbersome attachments, or too sbirluccicosi… ahead instead to strong colors and fun shapes! That’s why we like necklaces Stellina Fabbri: simple, lightweight, but that certainly does not go unnoticed.

The chains are available in 5 shades frizzantissime like fuchsia, lime green or orange, are combined in contrast to iconoci skulls resin. In short, a rock trend and is really right for a drink at the beach for an ice cream made in an urban afternoon! The important thing is to feel on holiday in!