Flowers for Decorating Gifts

These flowers are very useful for decorating gifts or to clothing, if you learn to make sure you will be many fun ideas to use, you will see that is one of the crafts most versatile of all.


  • Garland of flowers
  • Buttons
  • Thread
  • Yarn needle
  • Gift Wrap
  • Card


  1. First you must disarm the wreath, taking two of flowers and placing them one upon another without their petals match. The joke is that the plastic flower hard part is not there so you can use it on other things.
  2. Then, sew a button to thecenter of the flowers, this flower will not disarm and give a decorative touch.
  3. You can hold the button a little card that says the gift recipient or a message that you write.
  4. Finally tie a knot so that the flower and card are not separated and ready.

This craft can serve you to personalize your gifts and give them a special decorative touch also such ornaments with flowers can serve for many other things as decoration for your clothes or school maualidades.