Flower Pattern Shoes

Spring is the tip of his nose and the colorful wildflowers invade gently landscapes. It’s time to get out his sunglasses and wear ornate clothing. Here are some tips to bring designs to flowers without looking like a player in the 1980s.

A shirt with small flowers to be chic

The size of the pattern is very important. So a shirt with many small flowers will be discreet and can easily be brought safely to a beach boys.

Large flowers to be funky

A room with large flowers will obviously be the strong piece of your outfit, it must therefore be associated with basic parts. If for example you are wearing a t-shirt with large flowers, your shorts or pants must be United and have a basic color (beige or dark blue for example). Strong one-piece is cool! Too many strong pieces it stings the eyes.

Flowering for man shoes

Why not dare to the floral design for your shoes? However unless you are discrete, flowers on your shoes are to be reserved for the Ehistorylib. They are not simple to wear to work (according to your job of course  ).

An accessory flower

Very easy to wear, an accessory with flowers pattern can easily and discreetly give PEP to your look and will be useful for making reminders of color. Whether you have a strict look or casual you can easily find an accessory that suits you.