Floating Candles Apple

This kind of Christmas decoration fits into the interior of your house or apartment, as well as in outdoor areas. Atmosphere that these floating candles can cause is magical. Their production will need apples, tea lights, larger and shallower tin or stoneware, sharp knife and spoon.

Apples first into the water and see how they swim. On top of the apples to mark a notch for opening. The line will get tracing tea candles. Then the apples, remove the knife and cut a hole for the candle. Before you put a candle inside, carved on sites drizzle lemon juice to apple nezahnědalo.

Decorative candlestick

Another caused, as you decorate your apartment is Advent candlestick formation that has in our country very long tradition. This tradition and use through innovative ways of make your own Advent candlestick.

You need only your bathroom tile, twigs, sticks of cinnamon, silver glitter and some dry crops.

In the midst of bathroom tile glue 4 candles. These candles around dekorujte wooden slats or glue twigs arranged. Furthermore, all the work at will sprinkle silver Twinkle and add a few pieces of dried fruit, cinnamon or other dried crops. This procedure is just one of many, so remember that your imagination has no limits.