Flashlight Fenix Uc30

If you are looking for a fishing lamp that you minimally loaded, but it afterglow hundreds of meters away, we found her and tested for you in our review. How significant are its qualities? You’ll want to have in your equipment as well as I do.

When I give you six months ago introduced us tested unbreakable flashlight Varta indestructable, many of you asked me if I tip flashlight with similar or even better properties, but instead in a much smaller format, which will not dramatically burden gear fishermen. And I must say that I did not have to search long. My attention was caught by offering manufacturers Fenix, which is rightly competing for the attention of fishermen on fishing fairs. Fenix has had a really wide range of quality lamps intended for civilian as well as professional use and some of the lamps are like tailored just for rybolovce.

200 m minimum dimensions

From lamps intended for hand held me while the most interesting model UC30, which is not only incredibly small and light, but also incredibly powerful and durable. This lamp, which is only 13 cm long, has a diameter of 2.5 cm and weighs only 126 g including battery, offers the strongest mode luminous flux of 960 lumens. Realistically, so this afterglow lamp at a distance of over 200 meters, which I tried in practice for night fishing.

This luminous cone of light “kid” immediately aroused the attention of other fishermen and I took a rather depend on me not impressed neither is, nor fishing sites. This powerful light generated by light-emitting diode (Cree XM-L2 U2) in combination with aluminum reflector and perfect with him, you get an overview of what is happening around you especially on larger grounds, where it is necessary sometimes to see far away (activity monitoring fish at the opposite shore, checking buoys , chased away the animals, identification approaching fishing patrol, but also any outlaws in your neighborhood etc.).

Speaking of the strongest mode, it must be said that the lamp lighting modes UC30 offers just five with power from 10 to 960-ti-ti lumens – low, medium, high, turbo and strobe. The lamp is turned on and toggles between single button.

We recharge modern, ie via USB

With varying intensity of light in each mode, of course, related to the battery life. In the weakest mode, you can count on a fully charged battery lasting up to 120 hours of lighting, the strongest then about an hour and a quarter. The lamp is powered by li-ion battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh, which is recharged within the torch through the micro USB connector. Flashlight so easy to recharge by connecting via a cable to your laptop, Pre-paid backup source, but also a classic charger to the phone normally from the socket or the car on the way to your favorite district. However, if necessary, it is possible to replace the battery in the lamp for two disposable batteries CR123A.

Falls, or water? Does not matter

Since we mentioned high resistance lamps need to be more specific in this regard. It is precisely on fish is easy to get into a situation where we flashlight slips out of his hand and fall on solid ground, or even in the water. Manufacturer Phoenix guarantees unbreakable lamp in a fall from one meter, but to me it was impossible, of course, I would not let her fall several meters from two different surface types. And you guessed it, a flashlight withstood without significant incident and “cheerfully” lights on. Likewise waterproof it was necessary to examine and so they sleep: flashlight several times at full power in the water under my rods at depths ranging from a few centimeters to one meter depth. However, should endure up to two meters deep, and I personally believe that even more.

The lamp fits perfectly in your hand, and because it is so small, easily finds a place in virtually any fishing luggage, or directly from the waistband of trousers seated in a sturdy fabric pocket which is supplied with a power cable (USB connector) and spare rubber components. UC30 flashlight can be bought for 1,699 crowns, which is in my opinion the price corresponding to its qualities. About how I was with this “torch” satisfied evidenced by the fact that he has a firm place in my fishing bag. But at the end that we are not.

Z “torches” camping lamp as nothing

When I researched the possibilities lamp UC30, I came across a very interesting supplement that is possible to buy a lamp. It is a diffuser – a light diffuser. It’s kind of a translucent matte roller, or if you cap that easily deploy on the head lamps. And, you get excellent say camping lamp suitable for positioning between the rods for better identification in the dark and tracking shots, but also it can be hung in the bivouac for herself on the tree for a larger lit area like. Diffuser will cost CZK 119 and can it to lantern definitely recommend as a very practical tool.

Finally, I must say that I look forward to soon bring you to review other products the company Fenix, especially excellent headlamps, which professes a leading position among the headlamp intended for fishermen and even stronger lamps for those who are 200 meters a little persistence.