Flashlight Battery Voltage

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My flashlight she will give less light if I use other batteries or batteries?

For example, some flashlights operate on 2 CR123A with a voltage of 3.0 volts. 2 batteries therefore delivering 6.0 volts. But I read that these two batteries can be replaced by one 18650 battery with a voltage of 3.7 volts. My flashlight does she not give less light? We frequently receive the same question about the flashlights that run on 1.5 volts batteries pencils. The rechargeable variant provides a voltage of only 1.2 volts and can be expected that the flashlight gives less light.

The thought that a lamp will give less light if the battery voltage is lower stems from the experience with lamps (Pocket) traditional in which the bulb is connected directly to the battery. If the battery voltage becomes lower, the light will indeed lower.

Modern LED flashlights defined by incredibleflashlight are almost always equipped with an electronic control system. It is a small electronic device that is capable of transforming the current from the battery and thus keep the For technicians: it works with a DC / AC converter, transformer and AC / DC converter. And everything about 1 square centimeter. So the answer is no, in many situations, the lamp will not give less light if you use it with a lower voltage in batteries. If a flashlight in our range is suitable for two types of batteries, you can be assured that it is controlled digitally. This will hardly change the light efficiency if used with other batteries.
Be careful to use only the battery type specified by the manufacturer of flashlight.