Flare Trousers:Ideal for Creating Uncomplicated Fashionistas Looks

Bet on the piece that lengthens the silhouette, falls well in almost all body shapes and can be used on several occasions

The flare trousers came in the 70’s. With its innovative model, tight on the hip and thighs, and open from the knee, it soon became successful on the streets. It was inspired by the pants that sailors wore in the 1940s, which were cut into a bell shape from the knee to the ankle, thus offering greater freedom of movement.

As the trends that are fashion evolve rapidly, some models are left aside, being replaced by others.But there are some pieces that transpose these barriers, and are always coming back to fashion and being a classic in the feminine wardrobe, such as the versatile flare pants.

according to extrareference.com, the model values any type of body, all women can use.It looks good on both the lean and the overweight.”It helps harmonize the silhouette of the one with the wide hips, it also balances the shapes of those who have bigger shoulders,” says stylist Manuela Casali.So it’s super high.To have that effect the only thing necessary is to choose the right size, he explains.

How to Wear Flare Pants

This model can be used in several ways.For the stylist, you can create both a modern look and a more serious look, it just depends on the combinations you make.The pants can be worn with a basic regata, or a shirt.A very important detail is the length of the bar.She can not drag on the floor, so it is ideal to have pants with a heel for heels and pants with a hem for low shoes.

Below, check out some combination tips and styles that range from basics to stylish.


Casali says that the shirt combined with a tailor’s pants, the look is more formal, and is ideal to use at work.”If the piece has a high waist, the ideal is to wear the shirt inside.If the pants are jeans, and the desired look is more relaxed, you can only hold the front part inside the pants, and leave the shirt loose behind.This trick helps to disguise a more prominent belly or bulky butt.”

With a basic shirt, you can use a maxicolar to complete the look.You can also create a 70’s air look by combining a jeans shirt with a flare jeans and a belt, says the stylist.


In the summer the pants can be used with loose and fun regatinhas, modern and relaxed shirts, guarantees Manuela. With a high-waist flare, a little tank top with the little bar to shorten adds charm. Fresh shirts are also a good order. The stylist says there are several combinations, “a simple look with flare jeans and white camisetinha can be adorned with big necklaces or flashy earrings. Heavy platform sandals leave the look stripped and contemporary, with creepers more delicate and comfortable.”


Manuela says that “the ideal blazer to wear with a flare pants is tapered and the length of it is not hip height, not flatten the silhouette.”


When it is cold the sandals can be replaced by boots, with or without jump.Tailor-made coats, heavy knit and downhill knits, jackets and leather jackets create a different effect on the look, but they all work, says the stylist.To complete the look, you can complement wearing scarves or scarves.


The flare jeans are very versatile and the most used among most women.It can create a more stripped-down look with a modern, or more classic, t-shirt if you match it with a silk shirt.There are combinations to suit all tastes, says the stylist.


It’s an option with lots of personality.It is interesting to combine the color of the blouse with the color of one of the prints, there is no mistake.For those who are more adventurous the mix ‘n’ match also works well.Not to have an error: different prints with the same colors, being a more dominant pattern, and the other more discreet, suggests the professional.


For the stylist, a leather pants is always a more daring option;It is great to use at night, but they also go well during the day, depending on the event.”They look great combined with a denim shirt, shirts and jackets with darker or heavier prints, like animal print, but they can still be more forgiving if they pair with a more ‘could’ shirt.It will still be well to mix the texture of the leather with knitting, for example “, completes Manuela.

With which kind of shoes to wear?

The flare can be worn either with heels or with low shoes, such as slippers and skirts.”The important thing is that the bar is the right size for each type of footwear.A pair of trousers with the bar made for a lower shoe can not be worn with a high shoe, since to be harmonious, the bar must cover at least half of the jump, “says Manuela.

With sneakers, low boots and boots, the look is more comfortable for day to day, the thicker heels also give comfort and a more bare air, depending on the footwear, the fine heels give more formality.

How to choose the ideal flare?

Regardless of the body that each woman owns, she can use any part she wants, but with some tips, it is possible to make each model fit better to your body type.

Women with broad hips:”It is better to wear with a heavier heel and with more loose tops, which are on top of the hip line.Valuing the shoulders with more structured pieces in this region helps to balance the silhouette, as well as draw attention to the neck, with a neckline V or maxicolar,”says Manuela.

Women with broad shoulders:”already has the most balanced silhouette of the pants, because of the volume in the bar of the pants, but it can weaken the upper part of the body using pieces with thinner straps, delicate necklaces, neckline V, or even wear a belt Wide to draw attention to the hip,”adds the stylist.

Low women:this model can flatten even more who is short, so Manuela suggests wearing high heels and sweaters with a tone similar to that of the pants, so that you can stretch your silhouette.

9 wonderful flare pants to buy online

These options can please different boldos and styles.Just choose the one that suits you best and assemble looks with the pieces that are already in your closet.

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The flare pants are a great piece to invest in. It fits well in various combinations and can be used on several occasions, it all depends on the accessories you choose to use along with it. In addition, it is possible to mount looks for both winter and hottest days.