Fishing at Dusk, the Key Time

Towards pretty that I was not a hollow fall afternoon to enjoy that special schedule, usually fish at noon where always is all hard…
Sunset is unique, shadows begin to lengthen and stretch gently, everything begins to blur, a transition begins in nature where they are hiding some species and are arising other, sounds change, become mute birds and begin to sing the crickets, frogs and toads troubadours begin function but not everything is cute… mosquitoes emerge as of spring and the swarm is left to listen also closely well stuck in the ear

This evening I seized on the Salado, near Achupallas overruns, at this point the Salado takes unique overflow and the more great all the way. Already beginning to darken more and more early, did not have much time and the Outlook was not good, step short and not very strong rain that would not be much of a problem, what worried me was the drop of temperature was taken and which had now emphasized even more arriving at the 13th. I had two things to please: there was no almost wind and was the magic hour.
Stop at the place that seemed most suitable, prepare everything and started to work. As usual I started with surface lures for the simple reason that is more beautiful view the attack. I did a first range of shots with a frog and nothing, or a touch. Not moved the place because you had faith. Change to the Gozio lure the hard having rattling to see if the extra sound activated them, repeated the same range of shots and nothing according to BESTFISHINGESSENTIALS.COM.
Such as overflow and the water is not clean there are many plants and submerged branches, it is very difficult to operate with lure of palette so to directly pass an Offset hook with break Gamakatsu No. 3 which attach him, by means of a ring, a spoon Blue Fox vibrax also no. 3. Check the gums that I had and I remembered that I had given very good result in the last fishing the new Gozio Lure Soft Fuchsia color. Assemble and I repeated the same range of sets and the third shot came the first attack, fail the Dunk but not pincho and when cane I had no strength is that he just let go.
I shot the same place, he returned to the attack with a little more than you win and the first capture, gave a very nice Tararira, excellent fight. Which are source of river generally tend to be more Dumpy and fighting for the dark color of the water tend to be pale, was a machine from splashing water everywhere, was very angry. Thus this fishery was given, there was long, came the night soon.

Do not change more than lure. In total there were 8 catches, only register the most beautiful, despite the cold still don’t eat in the best way, we note taking more slow. Hopefully not cool more and slightly stretch the season, one of the best in years. Each and every one of the catches were returned in excellent condition.