First Look at the New Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1-Watch It Here

Web TV: here’s the first short web-TV feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

Today Samsung presented their newest tablet Galaxy Note 10.1 for selected journalists in Stockholm.

The first video clip, as editors have been sent home from our broadcast reporter, shows a few of the new tab features.

Our site is it possible to write notes, while a website is open-the so-called split screen mode.

Note 10.1 comes with Photoshop Touch, where images can be edited using the supplied S-pen.

Compared to previous tablet devices from Samsung, there are also improvements on text recognition. In addition, the memo sheet to write a formula or equation with the ink, and then the browser will open with the results.

As on the Samsung Galaxy S (III) have this tablet also popup-play, where a video clip can be played in a window located it on the user interface.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 comes on the market in Denmark in the beginning of the coming week.

Our test of Galaxy Note 10.1 is in progress. Read our first impressions here.