First Impressions of ColdWar, a Promising Game for Tablets by Patriotic Developers

The event was held last July, during a weekend Devise me 2011, a Conference of the Complutense University of Madrid and Nintendo collaboration to promote Spanish small developers and to publicize projects carried out in the Master in video game development. In them, apart from the papers, were nine games available to the public.

The key is that it was a competition for the audience voted them and opt to get the prize of the public, which would be in a project on the portal of Spanish crowdfunding plunge without having to go through the initial phase of preset that could scupper hopes for funds to create the company. The winners of this award were the creators of the game The Plan.

These creators, in conjunction with some other game developers which arose in devise me as rogue 8 and Defenders of the Earth, wanted to join to take advantage of the award all together and the game that decided to launch to obtain funds under the company Evil Mind is ColdWar, a game for tablets, who obtained the expected funding and that arose yesterday in Madrid.

The game is presented to us as a mix between an action game and the strategy of Risk and shooting with a very strong focus on multiplayer, why is that the game only will be playable tablets need a space for play and display quite larger than a mobile phone. The objective of the game is to win battles for reclamnar provinces to the capital enemy to claim control over the world.

The procedure is as follows: in a first phase of deployment We will have that go claiming different provinces one by one following the shift of players (up to four can be in the same game) and then select what will be our capital which we will have to defend at all costs. Afterwards, will have to reforazar paa provinces carry out attacks and defenses.

Subsequently have to move troops, always defando a troop to defend, to then proceed to invade a neighbouring province. After that it will start a battle in which we can move our people in time real. To this end, it is essential to have a tablet that supports four points, normal thing with a mid-range tablet. We played in a unit and we will move it by our field and will be loading the shot to try to give in the enemy target.

The winner of the battle will be who gets to eliminate his enemies before losing all its units. The process will be repeated in shifts until some player conquers all capitals. You have also a campaign mode of four chapters in which the penguins decided to rebel against the tyranny of the snowmen. The game will also feature four classes, two of them already insults above and two more, the Eskimos and polar bears addicted to sugary drinks.

ColdWar is presented as one of the most promising games for tablets, both Android and iOS, which promises to be an interesting game to take a few games with more people. As for details, the creators assure that You can work with a tablet of mid-range with relative power. As for price, they have assured that it will be a free game supported with advertising. The game has almost completed the development, now still lack Polish campaign mode, but is expected to be finished by end of year and It is hoped that it can be published in January If you do not have any problem.

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