First Commercial Apple Watch Will Circulate in Vogue Magazine

Apple is prepared to put on sale officially your newest investment, Apple Watch, a smart watch that will connect with the iPhone. There are over 34 different models of possible combinations, in three large collections, for athletes, “ordinary” people and the most demanding, with a version in real gold.

First Commercial Apple Watch Will Circulate in Vogue Magazine

Apple’s watch promises to revolutionize a warm market so far, we know that there are good models available to Android users, as the Bike 360, the Samsung Gear, and also the LG G (click and read the comparative).

The Apple Watch nor was officially launched, but the invitations to an event in day 9 of March have already been sent, but now, fell into the net the details of what will be the propaganda.

One of the most famous fashion magazines in the world was chosen to circulate the first announcement Apple Watch advertising in print media. This shows how Apple will face your first major release after the iPad.

The Cupertino kids got in the choice of means of communication, giving way to Vogue, the fashion magazine more deals in the world. There will no fewer than 9 pages of advertising for the new unit, in their simplest version or more contrived, like the 18-carat gold.

The ads will appear the Apple Watch in real size, so that readers can understand clearly what are the dimensions of the device, as well as details of the bracelets, which are the great charm of the Apple smart wristwatch.

Will not be Apple Watch’s first appearance in print magazines, in fact the SELF magazine has released a cover where the model used the mentioned clock. The same occurred in the Chinese version of Vogue, where the model displayed the more intelligent clock time. uncomment

No big news

The Apple Watch will not be a surprise since it was announced in September last year, during the launch of the iPhone and iPhone 6 6 Plus, a very big event prepared with lots of suspense.

Occasionally we expected more of the Apple Watch, it came with some features already expected, smartwatch clock should have some extra and unnecessary things (such as sending heartbeats and drawings between Watches Apple), etc.

I believe we were missing a few meters, but that will probably be released in version 2.0, something we should have in mind, because we’re talking about a technology, and how do we know the technology soon will be replaced by something better.

Of course I believe in buying the first Apple Watch but I confess that optarei for the cheaper version, I don’t believe it’s worth it “delusional” and buy a Golden Apple Watch, this will be pure ostentatious, there will be no extra resource worthwhile.

But, as the world is free and there are pockets and financing of all sizes, I have no doubt that soon we will be able to view Golden Apple Watch walking in subways like Brazil.

  • Will you buy an Apple Watch?
  • Think about how far in your investing?

Big hug, until now.