Finger Puppets Foami

This type of craft represents fun and entertainment from being made to the final result, you can do with your children and then play with them, it’s a nice way to spend a good time with them.


  • Snatches of foami
  • wiggle eyes
  • Colored pipe cleaners, markers, decorate
  • Paper strips
  • Feathers
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Draw a rectangle 4 cm wide and the same length as circumference of your finger, leaving an extra half centimeter in length.
  2. Cut outthe rectangle and wrap it on your finger and make a mark for pasting.
  3. Glue so involving your finger and can be removed easily.
  4. In drawing pieces of foami parts of the heads of the puppets, can make animals, princesses and knights, whatever your imagination tells you.
  5. Cut outthe figures and decorate with pipe cleaners, markers, etc. Adds details such as eyes, hair, spots or stripes.
  6. Paste the figures at the top of the cylinder you made to fit one of your fingers and go.

It is a very simple craft that can be used to play with your kids and exploit their creativity, they can even make a small theater with a cardboard box and perform works for the family.

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