Finding the Right Bag

Used in ancient times by the Romans, who called bursa (around 01 century BC) or saddlebag, the scholarship was originally a simple bag, made of leather, worn by men and women to carry food, money or any other object.

The bag could be used at the waist, shoulders or in the saddle of the animals.

Over time, the stock market became an accessory exclusively female, though the fashion industry come investing enough in models of men’s bags.

We say she is a female world uniqueness because the stock market is currently an element indispensable garment for the woman, and she reveals a lot about your personality, your daily life and your attitude, according to your shape, size, color and texture. It’s almost impossible not to make a “first impression” (and sometimes finish) of a woman when the bag she carries, is a large, small, new, designer, markedly of griffe or that old bag somewhat shabby.

That is why you should pay close attention to their accessories, especially the bag that carries.

Tips For Finding The Right Scholarship For You:

If you thought that any kind of scholarship offers for any type of person, you can incur a serious mistake.

Time to buy a purse, the price and safety to its objects, consider some other important aspects on softwareleverage:

TIP 1. The bag has to be adapt to your body type, your personality and your style of dress. The ideal is to always have at least three basic types distinguished: a big, for work or school and two small for those occasions when you need to take only the essentials, one for daytime events and one for the night.

TIP 2. When choosing, consider the harmony between your physical stature, the size and style of the bag (very visible when looking in a mirror!). This accessory is very powerful, both to make you shine how to destroy your look. For example, if you’re not high, many big exchanges will give the impression of being bigger than you.

On the other hand, if you belong to the category of tall women should always bet in sizes medium and large bags, as they balance with your body. Tall women with very small scholarships give an impression of being even higher, as the Giants.

TIP 3. Know that nothing makes you change your bag every season or every outfit to wear. The most advisable and economical is to choose a bag in neutral color, material quality and classic style or Basic, to match the maximum of your wardrobe.

TIP 4. And when the dough is not too short, take the time to invest in your second option, buying a bag of design more than trend, to vary the style.

TIP 5. Leather never goes out of fashion, especially the black and the Brown, goes with anything and if true, will last for years and decades.

TIP 6. The combination of colors and material is not mandatory, but bet always her for handbags and shoes if you want to look sophisticated and resolve easily the conflict of a harmonious look.

Fashion: Handbags Trends

Now, if you are a fanatic of fashion handbags, and acquires a new model whenever I can, here are some important tips for this season:

The trend dates back to the decades of 40, 60 and 70. You can choose from any size and shape.

However, the time is still of the maxibolsas, definitely the bags XXL (plus), with many internal and external pockets, quite practical for the modern woman and dynamics of current times. A variation very up to the shoulder model is the maxibolsa or medium.

The styles range from the classic plain or strong colors, the printed in animalprint and artwork in General, imitating lizard, graffiti, flowers and poá.

The colors always sets: coffee, bone, nude, red, grape, wine, blue and black. This season, the green water and the salmon season exchanges charm wasteful!

The marks to bet: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Bulgari, Cartier, Armani, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Donna Karan & and incontestable Chanel.

Follow these tips and choose the bag that looks like you!