Finally, the Android Be Liquid

Google admits Android must be more fluid. My opinion: “it was also high time”.

From the great keynote at Google i/o, Google introduced the 2012 “Project butter”, which basically is about, making the Android system more liquid.

“More fluid than ever before”, said Google.

Thus they say also, that Android has not been fluent enough. There were also shown a video that clearly illustrated the difference on Android before and now-that is to say, the difference between versions 4.0 and 4.1.

I have for years pointed out layered, breaks and chop in the Android system, and got a lot out of it, especially from skæld “Fandroids”, which have not been willing to acknowledge that their favorite system failed anything.

But the grant comes now from Google itself.

In the following video clip, you can hear my reaction, after having followed the Google over a two-hour long presentation.