Final Fantasy VI Come to Android and Could Continue Her Final Fantasy VII

Despite using some slightly strange methods for their games, Square Enix is companies that are more betting by Android for investing in this platform. Either-based ports of older games in the series or spin-offs with a more fickle quality, Final Fantasy It is a constant in this company for smartphones games.

So far they have managed a more than remarkable list of games, mainly by commented ports of games from Final Fantasy, that by the time reached the fifth installment, just at the gates of considered larger than franchise games. These are who understand VI to X, being of the most loved by the fans to reach one greater story depth.

Whatever it is, Square Enix not plans to stop at the moment, and it has announced plans to go ahead with their plans, being the next game to receive a port the Final Fantasy VI, praised by his argument and one of the most beloved wicked of the saga, Kefka. Even so, it will not be a simple port, since that additional changes in the field of mechanics and graphics.

If outside, is not the only announcement made, because those rumors you claim that they could work to bring Final Fantasy VII to Android. Here already we would enter into a land of danger, since the original game took 3 CDs in its PlayStation version and would be difficult to distribuiro by Google Play, but as they say, they are rumors and still there is nothing fixed.