Female Shorts of Fashion

Before we talk about women’s shorts, let’s just pause to remember that men already used to show their legs back in the Middle Ages, and women took much longer to win this right, and that was in the 1930s.

And you know how this piece came to the women’s wardrobe?Believe it or not, it was when tennis star Alice Marble, determined to leave the chill of social pants to play tennis, simply took off half of the legs of the pants, leaving her at the height of the thighs.

From then on the play began to spread, and in the 50’s daring began to take hold, and women had the courage to wear so-called hot pants, short shorts and high waist.

Since then, it has gradually been seeing the creativity in the models that began to appear more and more versions.

Image 1- Delicate and super fashion look, featuring a flowery shorts tailoring model with high waist, light pink hose, square neckline, golden belt and a bag to give an extra charm in the look.

Image 2 – This look has a look made up of a white shirt with embroidered details on the collar, a social model bermudinha with a delicate flowery print, high heels giving the look, the accessories gave more charm and style to the look.

Image 3 – The leather bermudinhas have come into fashion to stay, stylish looks bringing modern blouses and accessories giving more charm to the look, whether for summer or mid season these looks are a great request.

Picture 4 – Shorts tailoring in the social model, in two options of very modern colors, casual piece where you will be able to create several looks very stylish, in this image she chooses a shirt in poá to combine.

Image 5 – In this image you will find a navy blue shorts with pleats at the front and details with pockets, knit tank top in a more just modeling, investing in a printed suit creating a pattern to the look.

Picture 6 – To rock in the night, these two looks are a great inspiration, more social models with sophisticated and powerful touch, visuals to inspire and destroy.

Image 7- With a black blazer and a black blouse, she creates a beautiful contrast by betting on a yellow social model, and a white sandal finishing the look.

Image 8- Here you find a black women’s social shorts and a higher waist, where it blends with a white long-sleeved lace blouse, black sandal creating pattern with a very casual look.

Image 9- Here you already have a good tip of looks to wear on a daily basis, wearing jeans shorts with shredded details and a lighter wash, gray knit tank top and white sneakers bringing comfort to the looks.

Image 10- For women who like to appreciate the body, this look is a great request, wearing a high waist jeans shorts, modeling that enlarges the butt where it combines with a white cropped.

Now they have fallen into the world of women, enchanting and making head of many, especially the younger ones.

And you can bet on jeans in all the washes, detonated, shredded bar, with tacks and laces, tailoring style, leather, lace, velvet, suede and so many other ways to bring this piece to complement looks.

Picture 11 – With a very delicate lace cropped, it combines with a boxer shorts model in black with details of two small slits in the front, visual perfect to use at any time of the day.

Image 12- Here you already have some tips of looks to wear on colder days, bringing the combination of jeans shorts with pantyhose, looks very stylish and very tasteful.

Image 13- More tips on looks with shorts and pantyhose in a perfect combination, casual look to wear at any time of day on a variety of occasions.

Picture 14 – For colder days, these three looks are a great request, modern shorts, black pantyhose, and stylish coats bringing a modern and stylish pattern to use anywhere.

Image 15- Jeans shorts are the key piece to compose a look of different shapes, versatile model indispensable in the wardrobe of any woman who loves to dress well.

Picture 16 – The shorts boxer came into fashion with everything, making great success among women, bringing gorgeous outfits ranging from the simplest to the most modern to create a more elaborate look.

Image 17- Whether it’s to wear on a daily basis, or even a hike or run, this look features a short sweater with a front pocket, where it matches a cropped 3/4 sleeve gray and white sneakers.

Image 18- Two tips of well-styled looks where they combine with more casual shorts creating a more comfortable look, blouses inside the shorts and the jacket giving an extra charm.

Image 19- The guipir lace shorts has become the fever in the world of women’s fashion, delicate and very easy to combine, where you can wear with all types of sweaters and create several looks very stylish.

Picture 20 – This shorts brings a modern wash with stained and frayed details, customized model bringing the white lace applied enters the bar of the shorts, model very stylish.

Picture 21 – With a long sleeve jeans shirt with front pockets and button opening, it combines with a short black lace shorts creating a very casual look and very well combined.

Picture 22 – This look is very delicate and brings a very romantic touch, cropped light pink in lace guipir model more slack, where it combines with a shabby lace in also pink in a more social style.

Picture 23 – Here you have a shorts destroyed jeans with shredded bar, where it combines with a black body of white polka dots and a black gladiator finishing the look.

Picture 24 – With closed suits, they combine the look betting on the jeans shorts creating a super casual look to wear day to day, with sneakers these looks will be perfect.

Image 25- For the summer, you have here six tips of looks very well combined to use in different places and occasions, delicate and super charming pieces.

Picture 26 – The shorts boxer has been the hit of this summer, piece that came into fashion and showed that came to stay, this model features a print of leopard, fabric more grinder with shoelaces and pockets in the front.

Picture 27 – Visual full of style wearing a well detailed jeans shorts with gold chains, silver and gold studs, where it combines with a golden sequin cropped and a very stylish jacket.

Image 28- These looks are very casual and can be worn at any time of day, shorts marking presence composing these looks with much charm and style.

Image 29 – Visuals for day to day, simpler pieces where they combine the looks bringing the jeans shorts with T-shirts, modern looks and practical to use anywhere.

Image 30- And finally, a look that brings shredded black jeans shorts, white blouse with zebra print blazer on top, heeled sandals bringing charm and power to the look.

So fashionable women’s shorts can not be lacking in the modern woman’s wardrobe!